Site of the Faculty of Maintenance of the Cultural Goods

Site of the European community

Site on the World Patrimony of the Unesco
Publishing houses

Site of the publishing house "Il Prato": In the Section restoration you can find the quarterly magazine "Progetto Restauro" to which the Notebooks and the Monographs are placed side by side. The character of these publications is scientific-popular. While the series Schult'z is purely scientific, the series "I Talenti" is composed by handbooks.

Site of Art'è, magazine that speaks of art through the words of VIPs, of the artists and of professionals of the world of the art

Site of bibliography on restoration and maintenance of the architecture

Site de The Newspaper of the art, the first one «newspaper» to the world specialized in art
Museums and Research Institutes

Site of the National Picture-gallery of Bologna

Art Museums of Bologna

Site of the Archaeological museum of Bologna

Site of the study effected by the Museum of the Harvard university on the Renaissance paintings of the Fogg Art Museum using reflectography with infrared and X rays and ultraviolet light

Site that offers information on all the Italian museums

Site that documents the research on the easel painting effected by the Research Laboratories of the Museums of France

Site of the department of Maintenance of the MOMA in New York

Site of the department of Maintenance of the Getty Institute

Site of the Italian Group of the International Institute for Conservation (IIC), international organization with center in London; it has as objective the diffusion of the knowledge and the methodologies in the field of the restoration of the historical and artistic goods.

Site of the Foundation for the Biotecnologies of Turin, an organization no-profit with the purpose to divulge and to develop the interest for the biotecnologies with applications in the sector of the maintenance

Site of the ICCROM, intergovernmental organization that promotes the maintenance of movable and immovable artistic goods of world level

Site of the university museums of Bologna.

Site of the Center of Computer researches for the Cultural Goods of the "Normale" School in Pisa; it deals with the interaction between the computer tools and the humanistic disciplines

Site of the Foundation Cesare Gnudi that develops activity of methodological research in the sector of the scientific technical restoration of the historical, artistic, architectural and environmental patrimony as well as activity of study, of popularization and technical consultation in the same sector.

Site of the institute for the Artistic, Cultural and natural Goods of the region Emilia Romagna

Site of the Municipal picture-gallery of Imola

Site of the agency of translation Multilingual Media Services in New York

Site of the Gallery de' Fusari in Bologna, specialized in ancient paintings

Site of Art and Restoration Glossary Operating System; it is a project finalized to the constitution of a series of Glossaries in the sector of the art, of the artistic craftsmanship and of the restoration

Site of the Tuscan Dictionary of the sketch art of Baldinucci

Site of the project of the Department of Maintenance of the university of Standford for the creation of a bibliographical repertoire on line

Site of the portal devoted to the enterprise of restoration and to the renovator

Site of the workshop of the Hard Stones, autonomous Institute of the Office for the Cultural and Environmental Good, whose operational activity and of research is expounded in the field of the restoration of the works of art.

Site that picks up and it puts in connection links to all of that pertains to the art

Site of the Central institute for the restoration in Rome

Site of the Center for the Study of the Materials for the restoration: it is a new scientific subject that operates in the circle of the research applied to the restoration of the polychromeworks on mobile support

Site of the Saloon of the art and the restoration and the Maintenance of the Cultural and Environmental Goods of Ferrara
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